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The Dragon Assassin™ Robotic IED Detect System

Currently under development, the Dragon Assassin™ is a small robotic tracked vehicle designed for the inspection of suspicious objects during IED Sweeps. The Dragon Assassin™ provides a remote inspection platform allowing soldiers to achieve stand-off when trying to determine if an object is an IED.

An improvised explosive device (IED), also known as a roadside bomb, is a homemade bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. One may be constructed using conventional military explosives, such as an artillery round attached to a detonating mechanism or can be created from non-conventional explosive like Ammonium nitrate-fuel oil (ANFO).

In the 20032010 Iraq War, IEDs were used extensively against coalition forces and by the end of 2007 they had become responsible for approximately 60% of coalition deaths in Iraq. In current Afghanistan War against the Taliban/Al Qaeda, IEDs placed by insurgent groups have accounted for 70% of all coalition casualties during the period of 2001 present.

The Dragon Assassin™ Concept...
The MK1 Dragon Assassin™ is a new concept in ultra portable, cost effective remote IED inspection platforms. Here are just a few of the benefits...

Cost Per Unit - The Dragon Assassin™ MK1 Platform in its standard configuration will be priced at approximately €5,000 per unit, half the cost of the nearest equivalent system and significantly cheaper than other robotic platforms performing similar roles in theatre.

Serviceable - Many of the basic parts in the MK1 Dragon Assassin™ are commercially available, making servicing both inexpensive and simple. Parts are housed in an incredibly tough Lexan Polycarbonate casing to offer extensive protection when used by our troops.

Portability - The majority of Dragon Assassin™ MK1 configurations will be completely man-portable and will be supplied with either a tactical back pack or a custom webbing harness to attach to a standard Bergen or ALICE Pack.

Configurable - The Dragon Assassin™ MK1 has multi-configurable set-ups allowing the user to have a single base unit capable of being reconfigured for different operations.

Multi Functional - The standard unit comes with a multi-tool capability allowing the operator to change tools held in the robotic jaws to deal with different eventualities, including a ground probe, drag tool and wire cutters.
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